Power Gems slot

Features of the slot Power Gems

Power Gems is really a 10 winline 5൳ slot game. The sport features stacked jewel symbols, 1 bonus feature and ‘Wild Power Respin’ modifiers.

The power feature is really a ‘Winspins’ round where players will win a particular quantity of Winspins. However, these can be natural free spins before the player achieves 10 winning spins. Each losing spin will increment a multiplier, to ensure that whenever a player does obtain a winning spin, it may be in a far greater multiplier.

Wild Modifiers: Throughout the primary game, you will see ‘Wild Modifiers’ available which trigger or no Wilds find reels 2, 3 and 4. If triggered, the gamer is offered a respin if you don’t take a credit and also the Wild event animates among the following:

Bonus Scatter Symbols: These symbols will trigger the power Winspins feature and appearance on reels 1 and 5 only. If your scatter symbol arrives at reels 1, it’ll trigger an anticipation around the final reel. These bonus symbols are made so that they look like ‘half symbols’ which join to trigger the Winspins bonus feature. Bonus scatter symbols aren’t present throughout the Winspins bonus feature.

Winspins Bonus Feature: The feature is really a Winspins experience that plays out as random spins. The feature is only going to finish once 10 winning spins happen to be concluded, (unless of course supported using the 𠆋onus trigger’, which awards yet another 10 Winspins!). All wins is going to be in accordance with current total stake and also the base game paytable. Each losing spin will increment the multiplier by 1 until a fantastic spin is achieved. The multiplier will be relevant to the following winning spin, and reset to X1.