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China Year, also referred to as the Spring Festival, is wealthy in meaning. The dragon, lanterns, musicians and fireworks that characterize the wedding allow it to be probably the most recognizable of celebrations. Dragon Dance is Microgaming’s undertake the classic Chinese year party, which knowing by the amount of games available on the market which have this theme, is definitely an occasion that resonates having a significant number of slot players.

Microgaming’s vast portfolio of slots includes titles that showcase the best graphics seen in the web based gaming industry. Dragon Dance isn’t certainly one of individuals games though. Overall, the sport art is extremely average, which creates an extremely dull representation of the items, in tangible existence, is really a hugely vibrant occasion. Except for the dragon itself, the top symbol, our prime symbols are unsuccessful within the eye chocolate stakes. The credit card suite low symbols are particularly uninspired. While Microgaming might have underdelivered using the game graphics within this 5 x 3, 243 ways slot, in Hyperspins and Free Spins, Dragon Dance packs two wonderful features that have the possibility can provide relief. Hyperspins is really a respin feature that allows you to spin individual reels like a cost based on the winning potential available. You can use it to great effect to accomplish wins or, should you’ve arrived two Scatters, to land another someone to trigger Free Spins. Free Spins has the exciting prospect of the 3x multiplier on all wins. Together, the sport mechanics generate a medium volatility experience that gives ample entertainment to pay for that sub-componen game graphics. The sport comes with an RTP of 96.52%.


Dragon Dance includes two features – the Hyperspins Respin Feature within the Base Game, and Free Spins.

Possibly it’s just a little cheeky of Microgaming to consult Hyperspins like a �ture’, because in slot parlance, features aren’t usually something purchase – along with the Hyperspins respin feature, having to pay is what you need to do! Also, features generally deliver wins, and Hyperspins doesn’t make any promises in that way. Rather, it offers an chance to produce wins, at a price. So, whether this can be a feature or perhaps a mechanism is debatable, what is for certain is it adds a great deal of value towards the game play experience. The opportunity to exert control button over outcomes, whilst not entirely new, continues to be a comparatively novel concept in slots, also it creates a distinctive experience. Certainly, the Hyperspins Respin Feature is really a effective tool that can deliver wealthy rewards, and this will make it worth purchasing, even when its not all application produces a winning outcome.

3, four to five Scatters trigger the disposable Spins feature, with 15 spins. Win Multipliers are famous slots for any reason: their presence guarantees maximum excitement, not to mention the opportunity of terrific wins. What can be a typical win within the Dragon Dance’s Base Game becomes much more significant in Free Spins, because of the 3x multiplier that’s put on all wins throughout the feature. The Disposable Spins feature promises sufficient winning potential to really make it worth having to pay for, if you land two Scatters within the Base Game, try respinning a reel to squeeze the third Scatter that will get you in to the feature. Combined with the pulling power the 3x win multiplier, Free Spins also provides retrigger potential. Land 3 or even more Scatters as the feature is within progress, and also you’ll receive another 15 Free Spins.

Dragon Dance is a straightforward game to obtain a sense of. The only real aspect that can take getting accustomed to may be the Hyperspins respin feature. Here are a few fundamental pointers to help you get going.

Right now, you have to surely be wondering whether you will get the most out of the Hyperspins respin feature. You’re most likely also considering that 3x multiplier on all of your Free Spins wins. Dragon Dance isn’t likely to play itself, why the delay?! Whether you need to try the demo first, or play legitimate money in the beginning, Slot Catalog has your back.

Right now, you have to surely be wondering whether you will get the most out of the Hyperspins respin feature. You’re most likely also considering that 3x multiplier on all of your Free Spins wins. Dragon Dance isn’t likely to play itself, why the delay?! Whether you need to try the demo first, or play legitimate money in the beginning, Slot Catalog has your back.

Should you haven’t attempted a slot having a respin feature before, you’ll most likely wish to dip your foot within the water with a few free play before you decide to invest all of your money. The good thing is that you could take part in the Dragon Dance demo free of charge on Slot Catalog.

Usually, we switch on Autoplay when performing the 200 spin test we invest the games we review through. This time around, we have to approach it just a little differently, because Hyperspins is really a feature that needs engagement. So, we decide to use respinning whenever the possibility are available for us to capitalize from doing this. Obviously, once we’ll let you know each time, 200 spins isn’t enough to provide outcomes of record significance. The objective of this test is just to obtain a taste of what Dragon Dance provides. Let’s go!

We set our bet size to at least one credit, never ever apart from the truth that this will make it clear to see our wins as multiples in our stake. On the initial spin, we land four 9’s. Ok, so let’s read this Hyperspins factor. We respin a reel for around 2.49 credits, and bingo – we land a 9! For engineering our very own 5 of the Kind win, we’re rewarded having a payout of 4x our original stake.

We obtain some very good wins within the base game. The most known are among 10x our stake, and two 5 of the kind wins on consecutive spins – regrettably using the two cheapest symbols, therefore we only win 4x our stake for every. Whenever we land 2 Scatters, it’s time for you to try Hyperspins again. It’s likely to ended up costing a substantial 3.23 per spin, therefore we pick a more 5 respins. Around the fifth respin, we land another Scatter!

The 3x multiplier in Free Spins is really a factor of pleasure. Each time we score victory with low symbols, we obtain a enjoyable surprise because it delivers three occasions around we expected. We exit the feature with more than 40x our triggering stake. Pretty good.


The Hyperspins feature adds another dimension to game play. It’s a thrill so that you can engineer your personal results. Obviously, you should also know when you should stop. On three occasions, we land two Scatters, but neglect to land a third during the period of 5 respins. We subdue the longing to help keep trying, and move ahead. Next time we land two Scatters, we respin again, which time we obtain that elusive Scatter immediately. Disappointingly, however, we simply win a measly 10x our stake throughout the feature. Bad.

After 183 spins, we trigger Free Spins again – this time around by landing 4 Scatters, instead of using Hyperspins to pressure the problem. This trip to Free Spins proves much more rewarding, a flurry of 5 of the Kind wins seeing us exiting the feature with almost 90x our triggering stake. Excellent!

When our 200 spin test involves an finish, our balance is 9 credits less than what we should began with. While Hyperspins unquestionably taken into account a large slice of our budget consumption, additionally, it delivered lots of entertainment, and also got us into Free Spins two times. Regrettably, we didn’t have an chance for doing things to accomplish a 5 of the Kind win using the top symbol, however in that scenario it might easily be very rewarding. While using the Hyperspins to help outcomes comes in a cost, overall, this respin feature adds great value towards the Dragon Dance experience.

If Dragon Dance was arranged alongside an array of other Chinese Year themed slots, you𠆝 probably choose among the other games before one. There are numerous games available that represent this theme more effectively than Dragon Dance. As the saying goes though, you shouldn’t judge a magazine by its cover, also it’s the sport’s mechanisms featuring making it worth recommending.

Dragon Dance has been available since 2016, but continues to be extremely popular with players. The Hyperspins respin feature offers quite a bit related to this. It’s very satisfying to exert some influence in random slot play, even though it will get pricey, it is also highly rewarding. Should you’re getting trouble landing 3 Scatters, Hyperspins may be used to deliver that third one. Keep in mind that you simply’re having to pay for that privilege of utilizing it!

The 3x Multiplier on all wins helps make the game’s Free Spins have a delight. Whilst not every trip to Free Spins will always be lucrative, within our feel the feature is usually very rewarding – and may become very rewarding indeed should you flourish in retriggering it.



If Dragon Dance will it for you personally, there are several other slots available that you simply’re certain to enjoy too.

If you like the 243 ways, medium volatility, 96.52 RTP, Base Game respin feature and Free Spins with 3x Multiplier in Dragon Dance, take a look at Bikini Party, another 2016 release from Microgaming. The sport shares many of these attributes with Dragon Dance. The only real difference is the fact that instead of taking place in a Chinese Year street party, we discover ourselves on the pristine beach, where five sun bronzed babes, Cat, Daisy, Sunny, Honey and Kiki, will be ready to demonstrate their beach volleyball skills.

Staying with Microgaming titles and party styles, Karaoke Party can also be worth looking at. 2016 should have been Microgaming’s year from the Free Spins feature offering 15 spins having a 3x Multiplier on all wins, because can you accept is as true, you’ll find this in Karaoke Party too. Unlike Dragon Dance and Bikini Party, however, farmville isn’t packing a respin feature, it provides high instead of medium volatility game play, and 9 paylines instead of 243 methods to win.

Possibly it’s the sport’s theme, instead of onpar gps, that pulls you to definitely Dragon Dance. If that’s the case, you have to take a look at 88 Fortunes from Scientific Games. Farmville is really a lengthy-established player favourite in land-based casinos, and it has been obtainable in online format since 2016. It will get its name in the minimum and maximum bet sizes it attracts: .88 and 88 credits. The game play experience is much more immersive, and also the graphics of the greater standard, than Dragon Dance provides. It’s a 243 Ways game, offering high volatility action, a totally free Spins feature without any low symbols in play, and also the big drawcard – Jackpots!