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Some figures (like Jesse Duck and Homer Simpson) possess the curious capability to morph seamlessly into any role. The Kane Steel character from ELK Studio’s gold series has a few of the same uncanny characteristics. Or possibly it’s more precisie to state it’s the sport that morphs around him, as the man themself continues to be unchangeable as his surname implies. In either case, Black River Gold may be the latest of his numerous incarnations, so we shall take particular notice at all you need to know within this review.

The sport happens within the gold hurry era, with a few massive United States mountain tops towering over a fast river without anyone’s knowledge. The reels are positioned beneath a railroad bridge, and – per usual – the reel setup can expand from 4 to eight rows with between 4,096 and 262,144 methods to win. This growth of the reel setup is performed through the Avalanche feature, and ELK has tossed inside a couple of fresh and innovative features to assist you within the base game.

The most known may be the Revolver feature, that is a mega symbol that may absorb symbols below itself after which represent each one of these symbols around the reels just like a “semi-wild”. It may also turn fully wild if all chambers are filled. Additionally, you will take advantage of a Compass that turns symbols into wilds, in addition to a regular wild symbol. The primary attraction, of course within this series, may be the bonus round, and you may still win as much as 5,000x your stake on the highly volatile game by having an RTP of percent.


There’s just one primary character found here, and we’re unsure if the very mysterious Kane is really a prospector, a sheriff or perhaps an outlaw now. Possibly he’s the 3 simultaneously, you never know, but a minimum of he’s the greatest having to pay symbol. That’s not to imply that much though, as all of the symbols have pretty low and equal value here. It’s because the sport mechanics featuring, which we’ll enter into soon, however we’ll provide you with the paytable for Black River Gold slot:

Just like another slots in ELK Studio’s gold series, additionally, you will take advantage of an Avalanche feature in Black River Gold. Winning symbols explode, making room for brand new winning chances that drop previously mentioned. Also per usual within this series, the entire reel setup expands for every consecutive Avalanche win. Which means that the amount of rows and paylines increases the following:

Additionally, you will take advantage of Mega Symbols that may land in sizes 2൲, 3൳ and 4൴. These can be very useful on the way, and in addition they help break the monotony from the spinning reels, which is refreshing.

A innovative and new twist continues to be put into these mega symbols this time around, as they possibly can are a six-shooter gun cylinder symbol when they land by having an empty space underneath. This really is known as the Revolver feature, which special mega symbol will absorb symbols beneath it in to the bullet chambers. This effectively turns the Revolver symbol right into a “multi-symbol” (or semi-wild) that is representative of all of the symbols it’s absorbed. Should you fill all 6 from the bullet chambers, the Revolver symbol becomes a mega wild symbol that may represent all regular symbols just like a wild normally does.

You may also land another special symbol that’s very useful, which is the Compass. Based on in which the needle is pointing, the Compass will turn symbols on each side into wild symbols. The needle will move following the symbol lands, also it can point in diagonal directions or east/west and north/south. There’s additionally a regular red rose wild that may part of for those regular symbols to assist form winning combos.

Free spins in Black River Gold

The disposable spins bonus round is exactly what it’s really about here, as all of the base game features are mainly there to help you out with promising small to medium wins. You’ll be granted 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins correspondingly, whenever you land 3, 4, five to six scatters anywhere on a single spin. You may also retrigger the disposable spins feature by landing a minimum of 3 new scatters throughout the bonus round.

A Security Level feature now comes into action, and which means that the amount of rows and paylines you’ve achieved doesn’t reset on losing spins. The utmost quantity of rows continues to be 8, as with the bottom game, however the safety level feature causes it to be somewhat simpler to climb to the peak. Whenever you land wild symbols, these become sticky. They’ll then accumulate at the end from the reels until they all are consumed with what will likely be considered a bigger win for the finish from the feature.

It’s not so complicated to obtain began with playing Black River Gold slot, but let us provide you with a quick rundown on what you ought to bear in mind. To begin with, it is usually smart to browse the paytable to obtain an idea and experience each symbol. This is among individuals brilliant paytables that change values based on your selected bet level, so you’ll always know just how much you are in position to win.

Read by pointing out bonus features and also the paytable by clicking the hamburger menu within the top left corner. The following factor you have to decide is the bet level between 20p and 򣄀 per spin. Bet line is compensated from left to right, and just the greatest win is granted, which isn’t uncommon. You may choose to autoplay 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins, either through the auto symbol around the right-hands side, or by holding lower the spin button for any couple of seconds.


Even the fundamental rules from the game are often offered by the hamburger menu, and you will find 4 different in-game betting strategies to select from. These strategies can change your bet size based on your wins or losses, and every technique is described at length within the game menu. That’s virtually it with regards to how you can play farmville, and all that you should do now’s hit the spin button and find out where it requires you.

Studying in regards to a game is fun enough, because it accumulates anticipation and informs you all that you should know before getting began. However, nothing can beat really playing the sport the very first time. Regardless of whether you prefer testing it with play money first, or else you feel ready for the real thing already, we supply you with the perfect solution in either case.

Play legitimate money

No discomfort no gain, as the saying goes. If you wish to win money, you need to spend some money, but the good thing is that can be done so with bonus money from licensed casinos. Should you go here below, you’ll be come to our algorithmically selected top casinos where one can play Black River Gold slot at this time: Casinos that carry Black River Gold.

Play free demo version

Possibly you aren’t quite sure relating to this game yet? Donrrrt worry, result in can really take part in the demo form of Black River Gold free of charge without departing this site. Should you go here below, you’ll be come to the top review page. Ideas’ve made the demo form of the sport for you to look at immediately: Play Black River Gold demo game.

After a period of playing slots, we have started to the final outcome that about 200 spins is sufficient to provide us with a great first impression of the game. Take note that case your own 200 spins knowledge about Black River Gold slot, and you will possess a completely different experience whenever you play. In either case, here goes nothing.

We always set the bet level to ਱ whenever you can, as this will make it simpler to calculate the win per total stake in the paytable. Fortunately, farmville has a dynamic paytable, making our responsibility that much simpler. We always made a decision to display the paytable in currency, not coins, because the whole gold coin factor is simply too confusing.

After wearing the quickspin feature (another favorite for testing purposes), we set the autospin to 100 and leaned back with coffee. The very first hundred spins were virtually identical to the final 100 spins for all of us, and our impression is you can expect to a lot of dead spins consecutively at occasions, but additionally some decent wins within the base game.


As being a highly volatile slot, this isn’t unpredicted conduct, and also the bonus round is actually where one can expect the larger wins in the future. We 𠇊valanched” completely towards the 8 row setup a couple of occasions within the base game, but we still only won around 8 and 10 occasions our stake as a whole on these spins.

We triggered the disposable spins bonus round just once, and also the 10 spins we’ve got only arrived us a 𠇋ig win” of 30x our stake (because of the wild drop feature). A lot for novices luck, huh? Hopefully, you’ll be more lucky together with your first 200 spins, but this is exactly what you join having a high variance game. We’ve not a problem with this, as you may know the truly big wins can come eventually.

ELK Studios has certainly “struck gold” using their – right now – infamous gold series. The baseline is really solid that they’ll keep making different versions of basically exactly the same game, so we’ll lap up almost regardless of what. Black River Gold offers sufficient innovation and additional features allow it a brand new feel, so we especially such as the Revolver feature that basically works just like a semi-wild that turns into a completely fledged mega wild symbol.

These somewhat minor twists are innoventive enough to help make the game stand out, making rid of it really worth trying should you already such as this series. When the idyllic wild west mountain atmosphere isn’t for you personally, well, then all that you should do is switch to a different one of Kane Steel’s many adventures. The max win potential continues to be a good 5,000x your stake here also, and also the volatility remains up to ever.



The great factor about ELK Studio’s gold series, is when you want one of these, you will likely enjoy all of them. The theme varies quite drastically for every game, the mysterious primary character, Kane Steel, continues to be the same. Below, we’ll provide you with the lowdown of some slots you may enjoy if you want Black River Gold. A number of them is going to be others within the gold series, and a few includes an identical theme and/or features.

Voodoo Gold – is your own favorite within the series, because of the dark and mysterious theme and also the stunning visual presentation. You’re adopted an outing deep in to the swamps of Louisiana, and also you’ll take advantage of Mega symbols that may turn symbols below them into wilds. This only occurs when a fantastic combo clears the area however, also it’s the innovative twist of the game.

TNT Tumble – is an extremely entertaining and innovative grid slot, and also the most special factor relating to this game may be the drilling wilds and also the exploding TNT symbols. The power round max win goes completely as much as 12,278x, which is excellent for any medium to high volatility slot. Overall, an excellent game to look at if you want lots of wild west action.

Tahiti Gold – is an additional solid game within the gold series, and here you travel with Kane to some tropical island filled with treasures and exotic natives. The audiovisual experience is extremely tribal, which sets the interest rate for any highly volatile adventure along with a psychedelic bonus round where it appears as though Kane may have tested a few of the local mushrooms.