Aztec Secrets slot

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The Aztecs were a nomadic tribe found around Mexico within the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. The Aztec civilization is renowned for developing hieroglyphic writing along with a complex calendar and building famous pyramids and temples. Eventually the Aztecs could be overthrown through the Spanish within the 16th century, however their spirit endures even today. This slot by 1൲ pays homage towards the Aztec civilization and also the secrets they’ve already contained.

When beginning play you’re met with a slot presented in bamboo by having an ornate stone banner at the very top framing the titles. The slot doesn’t exactly feature reels, the symbols simply falling into position, set from the backdrop of the blue Aztec sky, having a pyramid silhouetted within the distance. This slot is unquestionably colourful and also the symbols are very well attracted, featuring Aztec players, creatures along with a female Aztec, most of the symbols presented in stone. The slot is supported through the seem of the rapidly performed xylophone, the tune accumulating, resulting in an expectation of larger and items to come – the seem fitting nicely using the slot. This slot has two primary features – one to be the free spins round and yet another as being a bonus round where big wins is possible.