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Microgaming partner, SpinPlay, continues to be within the embryonic stage. Their slots are just like cells dividing off one another because they recapitulate with the stages of slot evolution. Amazing Link Zeus seeks to take advantage of the current Streak Respins trend, plus they’ve in some way managed to generate another reputation for the classic feature.

Regrettably, that’s virtually the only real original contribution you’ll get in farmville. The 𠇊mazing Link” Hold & Respins feature itself includes no original twists, and also the top 5,000x jackpot doesn’t allow it to be stand out that much either. Because you may also win the jackpots inside a random Pick𠆞m Game increases the experience, and your odds of triggering the feature is increased within the bonus round.

Amazing Link Zeus Slot Reel Screen

The Zeus Wild symbol can land like a single 1൱ symbol, or being an expanded 1൳ version that’s either fully or partly present around the reels. In either case, nature will part of for those regular pay symbols that will help you form winning combos. It’s even the greatest value indication of the bunch, awarding 10x payouts for five on the payline.

The Amazing Link feature is really a variant from the classic Streak Respins feature (also known as Hold & Respins, Hold & Win and god knows what else). You’ll need a minimum of 6 Orb cash symbols on a single spin to trigger the feature, and also you commence with 3 respins. Only new money orbs and blanks will land, and also the respins tally resets to three for each new money symbol you land.

All money symbols, such as the triggering symbols, become sticky around the reels, and you may also land Small, Major and minor jackpot orbs. The feature ends whenever you’ve exhaust respins, or you fill the screen with 15 money and jackpot orbs. The second lands the Mega Jackpot worth 5,000x your stake, and you may also win multiple smaller sized jackpots the following:

There’s yet another method to land jackpots within this game, also it’s through the Zeus Pick𠆞m bonus game. The feature triggers randomly occasions, also it’s a vintage pick𠆞m game where you have to complement 3 identical jackpot symbols to win the related jackpot. All 4 from the fixed jackpots described above could be won by doing this.

Finally, you’ll trigger the disposable Spins round whenever you land a minimum of 3 Marble Temple scatters on a single spin. This provides you 10 free spins, and also you’re guaranteed a complete reel of golden orb money symbols per spin. The golden orbs serve dual purpose as wilds, and in addition they allow it to be simpler to trigger the astonishing Link Respins feature from inside the power round.

We’d some decent base game wins initially, before we triggered the power round at 1:27 in to the 4-minute highlights video you should check out below. Soon after free spins, around 1:52 in to the video, the stacked golden orb money symbols helped us trigger the astonishing Link Hold & Respins feature. Just how much we’ve got away within total are only able to be viewed by striking the play button.

The initial question that found mind while looking at farmville was this: Will we actually need another name for the similar old Streak Respins feature? It’s nothing like we don’t have ample to become confused from before, and Microgaming (Triple Edge) lately trademarked HyperHold for the identical feature. Now, SpinPlay, who’s additionally a Microgaming partner, pops up with 𠇊mazing Link”. Provide us with poor reviewers a rest, please.

Fancy trademarked names or otherwise, Amazing Link Zeus cannot escape to be the run-of-the-mill cliché that it’s. A visually mediocre greek mythology theme coupled with a couple of unoriginal features is what you’ll get here. The mathematics model is decent, by having an above 5,000x potential, but nothing makes this release stick out of the barrage of comparable games we’ve seen recently.



Gemstone King Jackpots – is the greatest release in SpinPlay’s rather limited catalog to date, a minimum of in our opinion. You’ll take advantage of Power Range 2x multiplier wilds within the base game, and both range and multiplier values expand within the bonus round. You might also need 4 jackpots as much as 5,000x, plus an overall potential of 10,912x your stake.

Assassin Moon – is an extremely strong Hold & Win release from Triple Edge Studios, and also you’ll join the enigmatic hitwoman, Lola, on her behalf deadly mission in Monte Carlo. This is when the Streak Respins feature was initially trademarked as HyperHold, and you may land payouts as much as 12,500x your stake.

War of Gods – is to establish like a fight between your god from the living, Zeus, and also the lord from the underworld, Hades. Both gods their very own unique Streak Respins bonus round, and also you’ll take advantage of expanding reels and symbol upgrades. Both features combine within the effective Warring Gods showdown, be responsible for payouts as much as 2,518x your stake.