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RealisticGames Software pops up having a very spartan slot known as eighth Question. Why Spartan? Well, there aren’t any features to marvel at. But more about that below.

In eighth Question we’re a weight classic 3൳ wheelset with simply five methods to win. The utmost win factor is x160, but per payline! We attempt to do this while using seven symbols.

eighth Question

In eighth Question, the winning lines can’t be altered. They are going to 5. The paylines are exactly like in classic slots. The 3 horizontal rows and also the two diagonal lines count.

There aren’t any wilds or scatters in eighth Question. No free spins is possible or perhaps a jackpot could be won.

The only real feature may be the full house. If all reels are filled with similar symbol, this counts like a full house and also the win is bending.

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Unsure if eighth Question may be the right slot for your requirements? Not a problem. You are able to take part in the game within the demo version without departing the website. A click the link that follows will give you to the top page. There now you can play eighth Question like a demo.

We are able to freely pick the stake between 25 cents and 200 euros per spin. We’ll go ahead and take € 1.00.

Understandably, this three-reel slot takes a long time to obtain a hit. In exchange, it’s a little greater, to ensure that we are able to overcome the formerly lost 29.00 €. We meet two white-colored diamonds on the diagonal along with a horizontal line. That provides 8.00 € each.

The following hit comes just a little faster. A type of rubies costs € 8.00, adopted through the sapphires. But we would like more. The aim is obviously the premium symbols, i.e. gold bars, bundles of cash or at the best the eighth miracle.

Another spins within the first 1 / 2 of our test aren’t as lucrative. There’s two more hits of 8 and 16 euros correspondingly, but we’re now clearly at a negative balance with around 35.00 euros.

Within the second part there’s two lines of diamonds again. Having a couple of more hits, the slot would present itself like a great wager.

To another double success with € 16.00, we obtain a premium symbol. A type of gold bars leads us a pleasant 40 euros in spin 116!

When we stopped now, there’d really be considered a plus of 20 euros. But you want to begin to see the three eights. Therefore it continues.

84 spins later the exam has ended. Regrettably there have been merely a couple of small hits left. Within the finish it switched out to become a negative business.

Towards the bottom bar you can observe the present credit, the chosen stake and also the time.

Above that’s the quick selection button for that audio settings. There is also towards the menu. There there is a Auto-Play settings, which may be selected from 10-100. Additionally, an end could be set whenever a profit is created. Attention! You can begin immediately having a click Start. So take notice of the use in advance.

This really is occur the tab alongside it. The potential bet varies from 25 cents to 200 euros.

This really is adopted through the pay table. It shows the winning symbols as well as their payout per payline.

Within the Rules from the Game tab, there’s a mention of only feature and also the RTP, here with 95.43%, is displayed under Info.

During the game window we are able to still begin to see the buttons to spin on sides from the reels. The large button constitutes a single spin directly. The little button opens the car-play settings.

eighth Question looks early-fashioned despite its release date on The month of january 25, 2018. An ordinary red background, which shows the indicating the sport, frames the 3 reels. The symbols are graphically well resolved.

The slot remains in keeping with its simple lines. Because there’s no music. Merely a pling-pling-pling comes with the rotation from the rollers. Should you win there’s a trick and also the eighth Question emblem flashes.

Inside a playful way, eighth Question is restricted towards the bare essentials. A 3-reel slot doesn’t need any big features either. Even wilds and scatters could be unnecessary here. Since the focus is just around the figure eight. These pay 160 occasions per line. Having a euro bet, a complete screen would pay € 1,600, because it is bending through the full house bonus.

With a decent bankroll along with a little luck, the slot must always result in good profits.